Frog hunt

I took my son around the local nature reserve today to see if we could find any frogs. The weather was good with only the occasional light shower.

We found heaps of frog spawn in some slow moving water trenches away from the main water bodies closely guarded by quite a few Common frogs (Rana temporaria).


Sorry it’s not very clear in the photo but we couldn’t get any closer

After lifting many, many rocks (all lovingly replaced, of course!) and finding only slugs, beetles and earthworms, my son suggested a dad defeatingly HUGE rock that lay on the woodland floor close to another small water trench. After much heaving and sweating, I managed to lift the rock and to our pleasant surprise, my son had found his very first Common toad (Bufo bufo)!


We had a brilliant day and hopefully, when we return, we will be able to see some hatched tadpoles!


~ by Adam Johnson on March 17, 2012.

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