This blog is a place for me to share my rather unhealthy obsession with amphibians, more specifically, frogs and toads.

I remember being captivated by frogs from an early age, ever since I was awoken by my dad one night who promptly placed a massive toad on my bed that he had found in the garden. It really captured my imagination to think that something as large and odd looking as that toad was residing in my back garden!

To me, frogs are the most interesting animal living on this planet. The diversity between species is fantastic. From differences in habitat and coloration to breeding and survival techniques, there is always something new to learn about these fascinating creatures.

Unfortunately there are currently a lot of major threats to amphibian survival and the efforts of conservationists to save them are also of great interest to me.

I now spend so much time reading and learning about amphibians that I thought it would be useful to have one place to put it all…..so here it is……”double life”!


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